Offerings for the Gods

Every morning and late afternoon villagers and urban dwellers everywhere on Bali gracefully set out their iconic ‘Canang Sari’ floral offerings to their pantheon of Hindu-Bali gods.


Canang sari is offered every day to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa as a form of thanking for the peace had given to the world; it is the simplest daily household offering. 

You will see these offerings in the temples, on small shrines in houses, and on the ground or as a part of a large offering. The philosophy behind the offering is self-sacrifice in that they take time
and effort to prepare. 

The phrase canang sari is derived from the words “sari” (essence) and “canang” (a small square of coconut-leaf basket decorated with a combination of colorful flowers). A Canang Sari is completed by placing on top of the canang an amount of money (”kepeng”), which is said to make up the essence (the “sari”) of the offering.


Canang Sari is made from young yellow palm leafs which are woven together to create a small basket which is then filled with flowers, food, money and other worldly items that the spirits may enjoy.

Balinese believe in the forces of the invisible worlds dictates that offerings be created with a spirit of thankfulness and loving attention to detail.