Balinese Pemangku

The Balinese Mangku are some of Bali’s more intriguing and mysterious characters. What might be the equivalent to a buddhist monk or christian priest, the Mangku are the keepers of information, the link between man and spirit, and the guardian of ancient balinese hindu tradition.

Bali is a small Hindu island in Indonesia - A incredibly beautiful place - truly. 

The Balinese Mangku can often be seen leading a ceremony, performing healing rituals or controlling the weather to prevent rain on special events. These individuals are highly respected and revered amongst the Balinese and play an important role in everyday island life.

As part of my project “Looking for Bali” I wanted to see if I could possibly meet up with a few and take their portraits. For this I got the help of a dear friend, Budhi, a local Balinese man who lived up in Karangasem; Bali’s North East. Together we spent a couple of days exploring villages and trying to get meetings with the Mangku to try and possibly take some photos.