Bakso in Bali

Food feeds the soul. To the extent that we all eat food, and we all have souls. Food, like art, has no cultural walls and thus crosses all cultural barriers and helps us understand one another.


Bakso, or ‘meatballs’ serves as almost a staple for many Indonesians. Bakso is are usually served in a bowl, like soup, with noodles, beancurds (tofu), egg and siomay. Extremely popular, bakso is a cheap, and can be eaten as a snack or main dish.

Originally from China, this hot dish has evolved into a cultural icon in its own right.

On the tranquil Hindu island of Bali, there is no exception. A relatively new addition to Bali’s cuisine, Bakso has made a large impact culturally. There are thousands of Bakso sellers in Bali; from ‘mom and pop’ warungs in small neighborhoods, street carts open late at night, to sophisticated Bakso specialty shops in the city. People don’t mind travelling far for their favourite Bakso as long as it’s good.